The Weirdest Dream I’ve had in a Long Time

We’ve all had weird dreams, where you wake up and think, ” Why did I dream about that?!” And no we are not go pick about my weird dream and think about the deeper meaning; not going down that rabbit hole. So last night I dreamed about the Boyfriend’s parents surprising us with a dog. Which is great because we have wanted one for a while (true story). It’s a was cute little thing, brown & white fluffy medium sized dog and it had the cutest little mustache print in it’s fur by his nose. So naturally I wanted to name the dog Gomez after the Addams family. But the Boyfriend’s Mom told me she had already named the dog Mason & the Boyfriend sided with his Mom! Then my alarms woke me up!

What’s the weirdest dream you’ve had lately?


-Blogger Ashley


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