What’s a MUST HAVE on your Summer Playlist?

There is just some music that just fits better in the summer months…it makes ya wanna roll down the window and cruise or blast it in the backyard & have a mini dance party!Now I know I may get some flack for this (remember my parents were the ones who choose the music) but one of my must haves brings back memories from spending time in my backyard with my parents just lounging in the shade and smelling the BBQ. And I still love it & will bump it anytime I hear it: Toto’s “Rosanna”

Now let’s fast forward to a few years: I’m a teenager hanging out with friends driving around town and we are FREE from high school so of course we have Sublime’s “What I Got” blasting on the radio

To round off my fav’s, you can’t go wrong with Katy Perry’s “California Gurls”….ya sing on top of lungs every time you hear it

Now it’s your turn: What’s a MUST HAVE on your summer playlist?

-Blogger Ashley


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